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With the right people on your team, you can make the difference. Recruiting these people can be expensive.
With UpTeam you can compare recruitment media, find good candidates and lower your recruitment costs

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Lower costs

Working with our marketplace ensures you get competitive rates, whether you're spending €1000 or €100,000 per month.


All the information you may need, you have at your fingertips in our buying platform, so you can act quickly.

Scalable buying

Manually managing 10 or 20 suppliers; it will cost you a lot of time. With UpTeam you manage everything in one place.

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UpTeam is more than a media agency. It helps me to write a complete job offer,
is available in English, and you get your own careers site if you don't have one.
I linked UpTeam directly to our website. Just what I needed!
Thatcher Peskens
Founder Share Square