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No surprises.
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Get high-powered software devs
backed by experienced tech leadership you can rely on.
The UpTeam™ Accelerator is the best, quickest way to launch and run the software team you need. Our complete proven approach streamlines team formation, recruiting, engineering operations, and SaaS software delivery. Best of all, we’ll keep your team growing and thriving as fast as your business needs.

01. Getting Started: No More Guesswork

Discover. Discuss. Decide.

Got a product roadmap (or even vision slides)? We’ll transform it into a technology roadmap and spec out a dev team just for you. Don’t scramble to start from scratch. The benefit of our experience and skills gives you a six-month head start instead of 6 months of headaches.

  • Team structure tailored to fit your company
  • CTO review of technology choices
  • Easy-to-understand time and cost estimates

02. Teams Designed Right for the Right Results

From DevOps to Mobile, and more

Need to get going with experienced architects? Productive coders? Critical engineering functions? We’ve worked side-by-side with top startup CTOs and serial entrepreneurs to ship successful products. That means we know what makes teams work (and what doesn’t).

  • Embedded technical PMs ensure well-organized engineering & rapid iteration
  • The experts you need: AWS, NodeJS, Python, React, Vue, iOS, Android, MySQL, Postgres, Java, .Net and more
  • DevOps & QA Engineering functions included – or spun up as standalone specialty teams

03.Top-tier Managed Tech Team Talent

Onboarded & Ready

The team we build for you is drawn from our own in-house veterans, bolstered by our database of highly vetted specialists drawn from deep talent pools across Europe. Candidates compete fiercely because we are known for working with top entrepreneurs on compelling engineering projects. In other words: they want to work for you.

  • Total transparency into the full funnel of your candidates
  • Proven interviewing process customized for positions on your teams
  • Managed onboarding, trial period and career plans aligned to your business objectives

04. Process Alignment & Momentum

Agile, Sprints, Jira, Slack, Stand-Ups

Our unique distributed global agile team practices are built to blend with the best of your team’s established processes. Our certified TPMs and Scrum Masters – backed by a wealth of experience from our start-up clients – keep you clear with every user story, epic and release your software delivery relies on.

  • Communication & collaboration: Jira, Slack, Git, Zoom and more
  • Weekly Sprints, Daily Stand-Ups, Backlog, Kanban, User Stories, Retros and more
  • Integration with DevOps and QA engineering keeps reliable, predictable software delivery on track
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05. Global Dev Team as a Growth Asset

Accelerate Business Now

Our proven Build-Operate-Transfer model is your foundation for the future. Grow a thriving, cost-effective engineering operation in Europe to accelerate your future business success. It’s the smart way to build value and sustainable long-term execution.

  • Partnership model well-integrated with your global corporate processes & structure
  • Ramp up your roadmap from first cohort hires to dedicated engineering leadership
  • Establish your brand on the local talent market for aggressive organic growth

Let's Collaborate

Get the software team you need. No more guesswork.

“Your development team is a strategic asset, and there’s no good reason for short-term accounting to become the sole driver of the strategic viability. When you think about it in terms of strategy, think about your 2 to 5-year horizon, match that to the available talent pool. Many of today’s remote R&D and dev centers for US companies were originally built and delivered by local professional firms under the Build Operate and Transfer model (BOT).”
Michael Philip

CEO, UpTeam™