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5 Ways to Excel as a Remote Worker

In the last ten years, there has been a gradual shift from the office work system towards working remotely. Many companies have accommodated remote working in order to attract talents from every part of the world, and to encourage flexibility of work. The coronavirus pandemic saw an unprecedented increase in the percentage of remote workers worldwide. This trend may continue beyond the pandemic.  While some are finding it easy and interesting to migrate into this new reality, others find it difficult to adapt with the culture shift. They have been used to working in an office environment amidst co-workers.

Looking for ways to perform better as you work from home, we have prepared five basic tips on how you can excel as a remote worker. 

  1. Identify what makes you most active and productive: working remotely creates a flexible work time but you have to figure out how best to manage your time to be very productive. The first key to an excellent remote work is to recognize what time of the day you are most active, –morning or evening. Stick to making a good use of this time to attend to your daily assignments. You must also identify a location that is more suitable for your home working. Create a work-zone, preferably a separate room if you have one, or a demarcation in your room to create your home office. If there are distractions at home, choose a café, a coffee shop or library in your neighborhood to serve as your workspace.
  2. Communication is key: as a remote worker, you must possess good communication skills to remain visible to your manager and team members.  You should frequently report your progress and challenges to them. It gives them the opportunity to measure your productivity and to share important information with you. There are a number of communication tools to make this easy, such as zoom, skype etc. Attend video conferencing and when you do, turn on your camera. You can also engage in written communication using a platform like Slack. Google spreadsheet is a tool that helps to document your progress report.
  3. Be organized: working from home can make you feel unstructured. However, to be efficient, you must be organized. Prepare a daily schedule of your activities using google calendar, (to attend online conferences, answer emails, and handle tasks), breakdown your activities into smaller manageable tasks, and set priorities. There are a number of tools to help you with this too. 
  4. Socialize: working from home can take a toll on your mental health as you may be tempted to work for longer hours or make yourself available for official calls and emails 24/7. This isn’t a good remote working strategy. Know when to log-off from official duties. Also, learn to take some time off work to relax, and socialize. Spend time with friends, and family to relieve yourself of work stress. Regular exercise is an essential activity to keep you refreshed.
  5. Be disciplined:  since there is no boss over your shoulder to keep you uptight for work, you may be tempted to keep a lazy work routine. To excel as a remote worker, you must maintain personal discipline and accountability. Learn to wake up early and work for reasonable hours of the day—between 6-8 hours. Avoid working from the bed or couch. Normalize putting on nice clothes (not necessarily putting on suits) when attending online meetings. Maintain good corporate culture even as you work from home.

Your organization expects as much productivity from you as those in the office environment. Utilize the above listed tips to see an improvement in your performance as you work from home.

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