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7 Steps to Creating a Successful Employee Onboarding

There is something about the first impression, once it is not gotten right, it takes a lot of energy to rectify it. This is the same with the workplace, the kind of atmosphere and relationship created for a newly hired in the first few weeks of resumption leaves a lasting impression. A recent report by the Society for Human Resource Management revealed that 1 in 25 employees who suddenly quit their job do this because of bad employee onboarding. Based on this, this article focuses on 7 simple processes to build a good employee onboarding

Inform your colleague about the new employee

It is really bad when you start notifying your current employee about the additional staff on the first day of the newly hired resumption. No doubt the surprised look on the worker’s face will send a negative signal to the newly hired. However, in a situation whereby you inform them earlier on about the addition, adjusting and welcoming him or her upon resumption would not be difficult or awkward. 

Prepare the employee work station before the arrival

This is another important thing to always consider when a newly hired is joining the company. Getting his or her workspace ready sends a positive signal to the employee. It makes him or her feel valued and makes it easy to get started. The employee feels disorganized when he or she has to figure things alone. 

Give the employee access to the necessary things he or she needs to perform excellently at work

One of the ways to kill an employees morale is to deny him or her access to the vital things needed to scale his or her role. This includes access to training and material needed for the job. In most cases, the employee might assume there is no provision for this. Giving your employee access to the things he or she needs is an effective way to boost his or her confidence and commitment.

Introduce the employee to other workers

Beyond getting the employee’s workstation ready, another way to boost his or her morale is to introduce him or her to the other members of the organization.  You could map out a time to introduce the newly hired to the top executives of the company. Getting to meet everyone personally helps to create an avenue to build a good relationship.

Organize a surprise lunch

Here is another effective way to get the employee welcome to the company. Throw a surprise lunch. This helps to relax the newly employed and further entrench his or her positive conviction about the company. Also, this helps the employee to see other people in the company in their most relaxed moment. Here, the employee can break the ice and communicate in a less frigid manner with other members of the company

Prepare ahead for the employees training

Chances are your employee might not know all that is required to excel in his or her job role. As such, prepare your mind to give the employee time to learn. Having a series of training put in place for the employee can also help.

Never forget to follow up

Follow up your newly hired. This shows that you are concerned about his or her plight and ready to help him learn.

Employee onboarding is an important aspect of welcoming an employee and making him or her feel valued. Beyond this, it helps the newly hired to love his or her job.

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