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What is a good company’s culture? How does this work?

If there is anything that differentiates one company from the other, it is the culture of the company. A company’s culture determines the employees’ relationship with one another, their relationship with the management, and the overall performance of the employee. The company’s culture entails everything about the company. A good understanding of the company’s culture is expedient for not just the employee but also the management of the company. This is because a good company’s culture can be the difference between having highly committed employees and nonchalant ones. Based on this, this article focuses on defining good company culture.

To start with, a company culture entails the shared value, attributes, and behavior of the company. A good company’s culture would entail a company whose value, behavior, and attribute help to promote cordiality among employees. Studies have shown that cordial relationships among employees help to improve productivity. A good company’s culture is one in which both the employee and the management work hand in hand to achieve the goal of the company. The company’s culture is cumulative of these essential four factors

  • Human nature
  • The company’s relationship with its environment 
  • The best emotion
  • The level of effectiveness

How does the company culture work?

In most cases, the company’s culture culminates from the company’s past experiences. Since the company’s culture directly or indirectly affects how customers or clients would react to the company’s products or service, this can also affect the growth of the company. This is because the company;’s culture covers the company’s attitude, goal, mission, passion, message, character, and voice. The company’s culture is usually subtly communicated when clients or customers connect with the company. Companies that operate a good culture finds it easier not just to attract clients and customers but also to maintain the relationship between them and the customers

Some companies have a team-based kind of culture that encourages employee participation at all levels of the company’s development while other company’s share responsibility in a hierarchical order. For companies that operate the hierarchical order, the employee understands what is expected of them and their contribution to the teamwork. A good example of a company that has a good culture is Netflix. Netflix’s popular parlance is “people over process.”  One of the company’s documentation spells out its value to include communication, courage, curiosity, judgment, innovation, passion, inclusion, impact, and so on. These values are upheld by the company as this is the first message communicated about the company to its customers.

A company’s culture guides the entirety of the company. From how the employees relate with one another to how to relate with their customers, culture plays a huge role. It is the first fundamental factor of the company’s success.   

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