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Why is employee onboarding important?

Imagine you got a job at one of the top companies of your dreams and on the first day of work, everyone seems to be so taken with their job that they barely notice you. Even the interviewer only shows you around and leaves you to figure out things yourself. Compare this attitude to when you join another big company of your dream and you are welcomed with smiles and handshakes. As if this is not enough, you are treated with a free lunch with your coworkers. Also from the moment you stepped in till you close for the day, you keep getting tangible things necessary for your job role. No doubt you would feel more welcomed and valued in this company than the previous one. 

The first example is the demonstration of a company that cares less about employee onboarding. The second company understands the great importance of onboarding.   Onboarding is the process of getting the employee acquainted with all aspects of the company and the job role. Beyond this, employee onboarding helps to achieve the following

Helps the newly hired understand the job role 

Getting someone to fill a role is not all there is about hiring. When the person comes in, a detailed process of how the person will go about the job is essential. Onboarding as a process of getting a newly hired familiar and equipped with the necessary resources for the work helps the newly hired to understand the company. 

Helps the new hire to get acclimated with the company

With proper onboarding, the newly hired gets easily acclimated to the company’s method of doing things. Acclimation goes beyond knowing something. It entails knowing how to execute what you know. When a newly hired understands the company’s goal and vision and has a clear understanding of his or her contribution to the company’s goal, he or she is completely acclimated to the company’s system. 

Beyond getting the employee acclimated to the company’s goal, this process should also include what the company can do for the employer. Acclimation also includes the company’s readiness to train and mentor the newly hired to excel in his or her job roles. This way, the company creates a mutual relationship that benefits both parties. 

It makes the employee more engaged with the company

There is a level of commitment you give to a company that shows interest in getting you acquainted with the culture and expectation of the company than one that allows you to figure this out yourself. No doubt, employee onboarding shows seriousness on the part of the employer. As such, the employee also shows more readiness to work. Based on this, there is a general increase in productivity.

It boosts chances of retainment

Another great importance of employee onboarding is that it boosts the chances of employee retention. Employees who are carried along in the necessary process of their role feel the urge to remain than those who are left to figure things out themselves. By becoming involved in the employee’s comfort, the company presents itself as one who values the employee.  As a result, the employee feels more comfortable and ready to give his or her best.

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