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In Silicon Valley and around the world, experienced tech and startup execs need ambitious, motivated engineers who are committed to learning and growing. It’s a big reason they reach out to us to create and drive professional software engineering project teams. 

UpTeam works hard to stay abreast of all the changes much faster than the industry. It is the nature of our expert consulting business. We’re not a recruiting agency, and we don’t spin-up short term gigs and handoffs with freelancers. The executives we work with have a broad appetite for the latest changes in the technologies in their industry. The best people who have that appetite already work at UpTeam, ready to take on new challenges. 

We invest in experts and we are committed to the skills portfolio of our experts-to-be. Our learning and development program provides a structured framework for building and extending your skills portfolio, both for technical upskilling as well as improving your soft skills. There are also many great professionals all around the company who are ready to share their expertise with you.

Learning & Development

As part of a company that’s committed to growing experts, UpTeam takes a deliberate approach to career growth through our learning and development process. We want to give you the resources needed to make you more successful in your current role, and establish new skills to further your professional and personal development. Once you join us, we provide you with an onboarding plan that outlines learning paths which are customized for each role.  

  • Employee development principles 
  • Goal setting 
  • Development opportunities 

Employee development principles 

Growing UpTeam means growing our people. Here are the guideposts of our learn/develop processes:

  1. Values Matter. Set, plan, achieve and strive for goals in alignment with our mission and values
  2. Transparency. Actions we take and decisions we make about development, review, assessment, promotion, or feedback are clear and understood by everyone.
  3. Connectedness. Every participant in our professional development programs understands both what he or she can gain from it and how it contributes to our company’s results, business, and stakeholders. 
  4. Opportunities. Bettering your skills, knowledge, and talents expands your field of opportunities and creates new ways for you to contribute. 

Goal Setting 

A big part of our learn/develop processes is your Employee Personal Development Plan. It’s a personalized record used to set and evaluate your goals as well as set you up with customized learning goals. Some of these goals are mandatory based on your position and others are optional and completely up to you. These can be soft skills or professional knowledge, including certifications and management skills as you move into new roles and responsibilities.

Development opportunities 

We have two kinds of development opportunities: mandatory learning and self-directed learning. Mandatory learning is specific to the roles you are assigned. It can include training or certification on such topics as security awareness training, specific technical language and environment mastery and other specific types of training, derived directly from based on what your team needs. We also offer the next level of management and leadership development, focused on topics like asynchronous communication, feedback, facilitation skills, and more. We also offer opportunities for you to drive your own path even when there is assigned requirement; self-directed learning is driven by skills acquisition you identify yourself.

English Language

With teammates all over the world, communication relies on your language skills needed to speak English with tech colleagues. Speaking about technical topics using the same language and terminology helps establish focus and accelerates time to problem definition and solution. 

How you communicate is an inseparable part of who you are. We understand that everyone is different and might speak more or less than ordinary native speakers. Taking part in conference calls is not just an exercise in listening, however. If you want to bolster your English language skills, written or spoken, we have a wide range of programs available, both in written and spoken formats. 

We can also set you up with tutors for more intensive language instruction that can accelerate your command of technical dialog. Nevertheless, time spent together live whether in-person or online, has irreplaceable communications value. Your strengths and command of the language will improve continuously speaking and listening to what peers and colleagues have to say.  


Not all learning happens in the scope of a structured curriculum, whether it’s self-taught or part of a sequence of planned lessons. Situational learning can be tremendously powerful. UpTeam Coaching & Mentoring lets you establish a partnership with a more experienced colleague who can help you help yourself. Together, you can develop the insights you need to reflect on where you are, and what you want to change, as you face changing problems and circumstances. 

Our coaching program provides both participants with the opportunity to grow by sharing their knowledge, skills, and experiences. Coaching helps you with a particular skill set, overseen by and experienced expert. A mentorship provides more generalized partnership, leaving more room to develop your situational awareness and generalized problem solving skills. 

Structured Skills Partnership

Skills coaching is an important part of our learning process. Our coaches are an integral part of our company in helping new hires with receiving guidance on feedback, career development, building an inclusive culture, role expectations, areas of job challenges, and so much more. 

Part of our coaching approach is helping you identify the most advantageous career path for you. This can depend on your interests and capabilities, now and in the future. Our coaches will help you out with making informed career decisions based on deeper insight and experience. 


Your partnering process is completely up to you and your coach/mentor. Coaching can happen in any way you see fit, but most of our employees prefer, one-on-one meetings. Always bring an agenda to the meeting. It forces you to prioritize which topics are most important. The agenda keeps the conversation on track, and ensures you emerge with some practical insights. It’s even more helpful to write it down and share it with your mentor in advance. 

You’ll find it useful to focus on a specific topic or two; since you want to make the conversation a free interchange of ideas, resist the temptation to over-engineer.

Since you generally only meet your Mentor once a month, it’s good to start the conversation with a review of what you discussed last time, and what’s happened since then. Next, introduce the specific topic you are working on, and let the conversation take you forward.  It’s perfectly fine to take notes. 

At the end of the meeting, be sure to set a time for your next conversation. More importantly, make sure that you’ve noted interesting topics that came up which you did not have time to review. Use them as a point of departure for future conversations.


Achieve career mobility without searching for another freelance gig

Because UpTeam runs a broad range of projects from Silicon Valley companies in different markets with different kinds of software stacks, you’ll find a variety of opportunities here that you won’t find in just about any other company. The projects we choose to work on are not short-term freelance gigs, so you don’t have to worry about being forgotten or shuffled to the bench. 

Our model, and our geek-centric culture, is all about engineering careers on a global scale. People who join us aren’t looking for business careers. They’re looking to drive their love of software engineering, and develop into senior managers, CTOs, and experts in particular technologies and technical use cases. 

When you look at our technical leadership, and at the leadership of the projects we work on, you’ll see that they are focused on being ready today for tomorrow’s emerging technologies. By the same token, these are technology veterans who have seen technology trends come and go, who have taken risks, and made mistakes. They have survived and thrived within our industries because they know what can be gained trying new things and solving problems in new ways. 

There are many examples among our employees who joined our company and quickly grew to senior and leadership positions. We chose our leadership also because of how they draw inspiration from all of you. All across UpTeam, we are drawn from a unique set of people who appreciate how quickly technologies can change. Every member of every team is looking to work with engineers who have the potential today to drive products and projects with tomorrow’s technologies.

Experience doesn’t always happen by accident. Our goal at UpTeam is to give you a continuing series of opportunities where you can learn and improve your engineering craft. Whether you are new to UpTeam or already well into your first or second project, each new project team we launch introduces new opportunities.

There are many projects and technologies where you can try new ideas. We’re also open to you switching direction at any point and trying something new. We’re excited to find out what you think you can do, and we’re committed to helping you build out the opportunities that follow from your accomplishments.

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