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Leveraging UpTeam for Growth: UpTeam.grow()

UpTeam Accelerator converts software development horsepower into business growth. Better leverage between business & engineering creates better momentum. Benefits include better-informed product roadmap planning, faster release of new offerings to your customers, clearer accountability to your investors, and more. Once your first UpTeam workgroup is up and running to reach your first objectives, what’s next?

Trade-offs between features, integrations, or system components can impact short and long-term growth. Work with us to make more informed technology investment decisions. We have extensive experience working with B2B sales companies.  Our CTO office and executive team are here for you. Here are four proven approaches to leveraging the power of the UpTeam accelerator to further your growth. 

Sign and Integrate New Clients and Partners to your SaaS Platform. 

The more your customers come to rely on your B2B SaaS offering and services, the more they will need depth of integration with their other systems. Sometimes, they expect customization and new features that may not match your platform roadmap. These can be cumbersome and a drag on velocity, becoming costly one-offs. It’s the dilemma of diverting scarce resources to making one big customer happy.

Add Client Engineering with UpTeam to your technical resource pool. We help you add new markets and geographies via streamlined onboarding and client systems integration. Keep your core product R&D focused on your committed product roadmap. Client Engineering gives you a dedicated team that learns the technology inside out. It’s a reliable path to reducing technical barriers to growth by: 

  • Specialized data and API integrations to help your customers make the most of your platform with the systems and data sources they already have
  • Aligning technical customer deployment directly with your product and engineering managers, 
  • Consistent coordination with your product and operations management, prioritizing customer feature requests 
  • Continuous monitoring of technical service performance and issue remediation through service monitoring and technical helpdesk
  • Closed-loop feedback on technical issues to document and release and fixes/features faster 

Acquire New Clients through Partner AppStores and AppMarketplaces

App stores and marketplaces across the modern B2B service ecosystem create new channels for you to get new subscribers. Platforms like Salesforce AppExchange, QuickBooks AppStore, Azure Marketplace, Apple AppStore, Google Play, GSuite Marketplace, Chrome Store, Slack App Directory, Atlassian Marketplace and dozens of others.

But each platform has its own unique requirements. Each demands specialized knowledge of platform-specific APIs, services, certification, and release processes. That means continuous attention to always be up to date, both with each marketplace and your latest features.

The UpTeam Accelerator offers Technical Marketplace to cut the cost of marketplace leverage. We provide a complete suite of product management and engineering services for every combination you need. We maintain up-to-date knowledge of the broadest range of APIs and platform certifications. We help you and your customers to subscribe and consume your latest and greatest: 

  • Manage launch and engineering release of your application on to each new platform, without fragmenting your codebase
  • Expert guidance to your product managers as multiple platforms releases new capabilities
  • Test and certify upgrades to your software packages to get features and fixes out faster 
  • Ongoing monitoring, support and new feature integration for your customers across multiple marketplaces

Setting New Enterprise Quality Standards

Market acceptance and customer growth creates rising expectations for your product quality. Simple exploratory testing for new releases done by your product manager won’t do it. Last-mile validation by your QA rep to meet release deadlines won’t suffice either.

At UpTeam, the variety of our client portfolio contributes directly to deeper and more complete QA best practices. There’s no need for you to start from scratch to drive more effective QA and test automation. Our approach combines processes and tools with a deep bench of ISTQB certified professionals.

Software quality also pays off indirectly. You gain increased satisfaction with all your software efforts, both to your employees and your customers.

Key features of our integrated approach include: 

  • Complete test requirements analysis: scenario development, detailed plan creation, and competitor analysis to benchmark user experience
  • End-to-end QA framework with API-driven automated tests for major use-cases 
  • “Shift left” test tactics to drive test automation and release readiness upstream into the software development process 
  • Issue management via close collaboration with technical support to capture, replicate, document and eliminate customer identified bugs
  • Scalable blend of manual and automated testing, including smoke tests, user acceptance tests, load and stress tests, security/compliance assessment and penetration testing 

DevOps to Eliminate Cloud Engineering Barriers to Growth 

Modern cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP unleash formidable coding creativity. At the same ti.e, the rush to minimum viable product release can reach a tipping point that can reverse those games. You may find it challenging to transform that creativity into reliability and ROI. It requires a disciplined approach to fit the business-critical expectations of enterprise customers. 

At the UpTeam Accelerator, you can benefit from a full portfolio of cloud engineering practices. Our proven expertise with full-stack SaaS applications helps you sustain product development momentum. It adds process transparency with the non-technical side of your organization (e.g., sales, marketing, finance, customer success, and more). UpTeam ensures you can lock in your engineering gains for competitive advantage, as you scale up and scale-out. 

  • DevOps tooling and processes for continuous release management to simplify planning, transparency, and collaboration across engineering
  • 24 × 7 monitoring for responsive, nimble, business-focused incident monitoring, management, and Remediation
  • Cost optimization to ensure  transparency in cloud resource utilization, financial observability, and thorough operational analytics
  • Continuous compliance and audit readiness supporting PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and 50+ other major compliance frameworks, from assessment to Remediation to automated reports.
  • End-to-end CI/CD tool suites providing an integrated solution for development, deployment, release management, and production operations.