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Set up your dev team: MyTeam=UpTeam.init()

The UpTeam® Accelerator creates and operates software development teams that work well together by design. Just as product goals don’t deliver themselves, team setup requires a coordinated approach. The team setup process focuses on preparing the ground for your team to succeed. Our goal is to apply our technical know-how to organize all skills and expertise to deliver and support your product and make your team a place where each member who joins sees his or her role in technical product success as a compelling opportunity for career advancement.

For every client, we start with a Team Formation Group (TFG), made up of one of our CTO-level execs, a Technical Program Manager (plus a Technical Product Manager as applicable) and backed by a member of our talent operations staff.  They are charged with understanding your development needs. Their objective is to translate your product needs into the foundation of technology strategy, and get the right people in place to execute. 

The TFG works with you to elicit your short and long term team goals, and think ahead to a development plan that connects them. Under NDA, show us your vision decks, product plans, customer decks, and so we can understand your strategy. It lets us better recommend which skillsets are needed when, and how best to structure the team, especially as your business grows.  

The structure of your existing in-house team is an essential input. We will work with you so we can engage directly with everyone involved in the most collaborative and productive way.  It’s especially vital that we work with you to set expectations for those who will be interacting with this new Dev team. One skills gap or one personality mismatch risks affecting productivity across all sides of your organization. Here, we apply our know-how to solve for those issues proactively, with team structures and expectations setting, along with aligning for accountability, career goals and incentives, monetary and non-monetary alike. 

We do more than take an opinionated technical point of view. We want to be sure we understand the tech that you have so far, as well as architectural constraints and extensibility going forward. Selecting top-tier talented practitioners is a given.  Because we have built many successful teams and products for Silicon Valley venture-funded start-ups, we take you well beyond an a-la-carte collection of geeks, so the team can be productive from the get-go.

If you need to bootstrap a project with focused technical expertise immediately, we recommend you consider starting with one or more offerings from our expert services company, CloudGeometry. We can focus on a narrow set of objectives. Our CTO and Solution architects will coordinate to stay on track as your TFG organizes around your strategic long-term development goals.

Our technical perspective also informs the job descriptions we create for you. We draft them and review them with you, to be sure that we’re on the same page. Your team members are drawn from two pools: experienced UpTeam employees and new hires. It’s by viewing your forthcoming team as an organic whole that we can optimize the initial conditions for a successful search, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding and execution.