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Team Staffing: UpTeam.staff(myteam)

Based on the job descriptions and the org chart for the roles that make up your team, we tune them to the talent market best suited to your needs (location-specific, centralized/distributed, hybrid-remote, and more) and review that with you.

Right team, right players

Getting the right players requires a tiered approach; we begin recruiting on three fronts.  

  • Experienced permanent UpTeam staff: All of our projects are long-term engagements.  Our managers review career goals and progress with every employee regularly. It’s not unusual for a talented individual to be ready for new challenges. We look closely at the opportunity for their growth, balanced against the needs of their existing projects, and potentially joining your team. (Occasionally, we have projects that are winding up just as yours begins, but that’s more the exception than the rule). 
  • UpTeam pre-vetted candidate database: We maintain a pre-screened database of 2000 technical professionals across our geographic base. These are people who have expressed an active interest in joining projects running in the UpTeam Accelerator. They have already passed soft skills and technical skills interviews. Our in-house recruiting team is charged with maintaining relationships with our database of active candidates. 
  • UpTeam recruiting network:  Our in-house team also manages working relationships with dozens of IT recruiting partners in major European technology hubs. They know us, and we have worked with them successfully in the past. We know they can be trusted to be both aggressive and selective. They know the kind of people we are looking for and who can successfully meet our standards. 

Across all three sourcing channels, we take pains to be transparent with candidates on

  • The sequence of the recruiting process
  • Both our org structure and yours 
  • Software development norms they can expect in the UpTeam Accelerator

Aligning their career goals align with your product and business goals makes them better prepared to commit to executing on them for you.

Interview Process

Interviewing is an art and a science. Our approach covers structured expectations, human interaction, well specified assessments, and measurement. 

The process is built around standardized questions, structured conversations, open dialogue, and recording observations at every step. Our process is structured to allow specific questions that you want us to cover for various roles,  so we can make sure you can draw the observations you need to ensure a successful outcome to the interview and technical vetting . We are also happy to set up supplemental 1:1 acceptance interviews with candidate finalists by your managers. 

With the necessary prerequisites in place, interviewing begins. Candidates who make the first cut can expect a well-structured interview and evaluation process. They get a timetable of the conversations to expect and with whom will interview them.

Interviews begin with a screening conversation to consider soft skills. We start with candidates we believe can both do the work and speak the language. We use also these first conversations to judge if we think they will also play well with others. 

This removes an important barrier to candidate outreach.  Each candidate we select for deeper screening receives our remote employment package, which explains in detail how we manage remote employees as first-class citizens in our company. We specify work hours, communication, video equipment, reporting, visiting our dev-centers that he is connected to.  He or she gets a clear view of professional life for the next 1-2 years (or more) and can make an informed decision whether it is a good fit. 

Technical interviews are built around structured criteria. We want to see two things: see how well a candidate measures up on detailed parameters; and to gauge technical skills to compare between candidates. We do use coding tests and other assessment mechanisms. They are an important indicator, but they are not a standalone predictor of team member success. For remote candidates, interviewing is done over video conference, with coding exercises. 

Finally, we validate technical and personal references to make sure all the dots are connected. We typically have to choose from at least 3 qualified candidates for each position, and we introduce them to clients for final selection. 

Onboarding & Trial

As each candidate on your team is green-lighted, we take care of all paperwork and onboarding logistics. Day Zero is done; your new team is ready to go from Day 1.

When a brand new hire starts work, our onboarding phase continues with a 3-month trial period. Your new hire and his or her manager establish clear trial-period goals. 

Your input is a key part of the successful conclusion of the 90-day trial phase. We then include your new employee in our standard personal development plan process. All of it aligns with your product milestones and product goals, reviewed and updated quarterly. If your company has existing workforce management processes, we’ll be happy to integrate with that. Put us in touch with your HR pros, and we’ll make it happen. 

Assembling the right team is the essential foundation for making your team productive. It’s how to get your product to market in the hands of countless happy, profitable customers.