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Time to Market Kickstart for Funded Startups

An integrated team of experts to design, build & operate your product for launch.

Shift from product vision into execution

Get tech lead, project manager, UI/UX and developers all together on one team.

Well-organized sprints build momentum

Get-it-done discipline and iterative delivery with the agility to handle the pivots.

Slick, launch-ready apps & platforms

Architected for customer acquisition, data integration, growth and scalability.

The Problem

It takes more than cranking code out to the cloud to get to across your MVP finish line.

One tech guy doesn’t know everything (yet)

Your market won’t wait while he tries to master all those technologies or while you scramble for 3 more coders on UpWork.

Managing a team is hard. Hiring one is harder.

It’s expensive to compete with Facebook, Google, and Uber for software talent.

Do investors believe you’re ready for success?

They want to know you’ve got go-to software pros you can rely on the minute you launch.

The Solution

At UpTeam®, we think there’s a better way

Our Startup Package offers a solution to provide technical and non-technical startup co-founders alike a faster, simpler way solve for development resources—once and for all.

You get your own dedicated team—with a well-structured mix of product management, design, development, and startup experience—to get your product to market and take your business to the next level.

Let's Collaborate

The software team you needed yesterday, today. For tomorrow.

“UpTeam™ assembles and operates agile software development teams. We hire and train startup-minded product and platform development specialists whose careers are tied to the success of your business. There’s no need to scatter any more of your equity than you absolutely have to get technical expertise that will be obsolete soon after the 1.0 release. Instead, get a disciplined, repeatable process that smoothly handles rapidly-changing requirements, to produce a product that meets evolving business goals—all for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay in Silicon Valley.”
Michael Philip

CEO, UpTeam™


Key Startup Package Features

Interactive prototyping & UI/UX design

Iterative, user-centered, data-driven development, closed-loop testing, and continuous feature feedback.

End-to-end software development

We work together to tune architectural direction, product management, design, development, and production operations.

Structured sprints to speed focused coding

Our transparent agile project management approach gives you a clear view of risk, resource scheduling, stakeholder engagement, and status reporting.

CI/CD to quickly validate & deploy new features

Instantly change content and design elements, and always keep up to date with iOS and Android design requirements.

Manage data integrity, privacy & security

Build and run on cloud infrastructure, ready to handle millions of users, configured to consistently meet consumer and compliance needs.

The best of AWS & open source architectures

Latest cloud-native technology stack, from Docker to microservices to Kubernetes, optimized for CI/CD, feature optimization and global delivery.

QA & test automation

Full QA process plan with API level automation for testing acceptance, compatibility (mobile / web), load, penetration, connectivity and more.

Data engineering for analytics, ML & AI

Streaming Data, Modeling, Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, data pipelines and more, targeting the full range of internal & external use cases.

B2B platform integration, rollout & DevOps

Available 3rd party systems integration services to harness APIs for deployment and a broad range of enterprise use cases.

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