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Transition applications from M&A and related businesses into a well-integrated cloud platform

Application Developer Support Team delivers full range of agile software skills, maintenance, modernization, and custom integration.

Improve and expand application features

Solve for tomorrow's customer needs with upgrades to systems you have today

Business-driven SLA Support

Reliable response and resolution backed by proactive monitoring and rigorous QA processes

Achieve cost-effective scale

Agile software engineering with latest cloud technology for your entire technology platform

Your customers and users set the standard for consumer-grade experience & enterprise-grade quality.

Business Challenges

  • Resolve support issues & troubleshoot faster
  • Up-level customer satisfaction
  • Reduce outages & platform downtime
  • Slash application maintenance costs
  • Resolve persistent bugs faster
  • End technical surprises
  • Find & prevent vulnerabilities in security & compliance
  • Ensure mission-critical applications always run at max performance & uptime

Upteam Application Developer Support Solutions

Onboarding & operational readiness

Get a thorough evaluation and gap analysis of infrastructure, administrative practices, traffic load & user experience, codify runbooks & well-architected best practices

Proactive In-depth Monitoring

Find/Fix/Prevent issues across infrastructure, business & data layers issues with application monitoring, bug fixes, and preventive and infrastructure maintenance

Business-critical Service Management

Recover & prevent outages, configure servers, deploy monitoring tools, specify application-driven DevOps requirements for updating cloud IT infrastructure

Application Backup & Recovery

Achieve true resilience with ongoing system backup & recovery validation to achieve business continuity be ready for disaster recovery

Business Challenges

  • Prioritize & plan the changes to the application platform
  • Optimize features that enable business-critical processes
  • Cut costs & speed cycle times
  • Use cloud consumption analysis, resource reallocation, and upgrades
  • Stay up-to-date with latest cloud services, design patterns, and product offerings

Upteam Application Developer Support Solutions

Database refactoring

Get better TCO and leverage the full range of general purpose and specialized data stores, fully managed and designed for high availability, reliability, and security at scale

Make the most of cloud economics

Complete a step-by-step migration plan, choosing the right AWS tools, updating the runbooks and ensuring your personnel readiness to operate the new cloud system

CI/CD & DevOps implementation

Automate implementation of changes and new features; continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD) pipelines backed by test automation

Optimize with AWS & Open Source

Move from costly 3rd party licenses to AWS native stack services to support faster, more flexible development & feature release

Business Challenges

  • Boost the ROI of your codebase & portfolio
  • Meet industry compliance standards (SOC-2, ISO-27001, FedRamp)
  • Better interoperability across business processes & infrastructure
  • Track results with dashboards for business analytics & admin operations
  • Introduce new killer features & boost customer sat, competitive advantage

Upteam Application Developer Support Solutions

Security & Compliance Upgrades

Get more robust systems and user interfaces to meet the latest security standards, closing design and operations gaps to make your platform secure and compliant

Refactoring & Re-engineering

Re-architected, consolidate, re-design, replatform, replace and automate development and deployment processes to support continuous improvement as new needs emerge

Ongoing Application Development

Meet new business needs with agile, consistent design & delivery of new software features and/or enhancement to existing systems

Application Upgrade with Microservices

Refactor business logic & infrastructure processes for operation as independent, reliable, reusable & secure software components

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“UpTeam™ assembles and operates agile software development teams. We hire and train startup-minded product and platform development specialists whose careers are tied to the success of your business. There’s no need to scatter any more of your equity than you absolutely have to get technical expertise that will be obsolete soon after the 1.0 release. Instead, get a disciplined, repeatable process that smoothly handles rapidly-changing requirements, to produce a product that meets evolving business goals—all for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay in Silicon Valley.”
Michael Philip

CEO, UpTeam™

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