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Streamline onboarding. Convert your first customers into referenceable wins faster.

Provide white-glove technical onboarding services without forcing your core devs to moonlight as tech support.

Professional technical onboarding

Turbo-charge your customer success team to power through deployment, upgrades, and renewals

Customer-centric full-stack perspective

SaaS expertise & experience to ensure your tech today delivers enterprise-grade value tomorrow

Clear, crisp engineering collaboration

Well-scoped delivery avoids diluting developer focus on your core roadmap

The Problem

Your early adopter customers love your value proposition, and want high-touch engineering attention — only your core dev team is already spread too thin.

Your Customer Success team needs added muscle

Customers lack the technical resources to make your technology interoperate seamlessly with their unique enterprise systems, data, and business processes.

Big customers have unique expectations & needs

They want features not in your immediate roadmap, a level of support you can’t yet provide — backed by reliable path for technical escalations.

Your source platform technology is a moving target

Customer-facing resources must have proven technical depth that fits with your system of commits and build workflow.

The Solution

At UpTeam®, we think there’s a better way

UpTeam Customer Success Engineering works within your engineering processes, learning your existing roadmap and code. When you need to onboard a new strategic customer, count on our US & European-based staff to plan and execute a successful launch.

As software engineers, we work systematically with your tech and tooling to close operational and engineering gaps. It’s the faster way to go from where your customers are today to where they want your platform to take them.

Our approach is both hands-on hand and in glove with your Customer Success, sales, and engineering execs — backed by the technical agility and focus of core software delivery and reliability of software engineering discipline.

How It Works

Technical delivery team
  • Experienced SaaS-Platform Tech Integration Leader
  • Full-stack Solution Architect
  • Repo-literate developers and data engineers with a solid grasp of your platform
Understand your platform inside and out
  • Quickly assess your system architecture, build process & tech stack
  • Expertise spans AWS, Azure, NodeJS, Python, .NET, React, VueJS, Terraform and more
Playbooks to standardize integration / customization
  • Partnership with your engagement & technical managers and business
  • Repeatable joint integration & customization onboarding plan
Customer requirements technical gap analysis
  • Collaborative capture of goals & objectives from your engineering & business leadership
  • Detailed, documented requirements & support SLAs support expectations
Secure Multi-tenancy Design
  • Present technical objectives for user and admin onboarding with key customer stakeholders
  • Capture compliance and management needs from customer tech staff
Sprint-based Customer Delivery Documentation
  • Create & maintain milestones and success criteria for project plan execution
  • Transparent project communications via Confluence across internal and external stakeholders
Post-launch SLA-based tech support
  • Ongoing upgrades, release deployment, escalation management via ZenDesk & JIRA
  • Maintain new customer onboarding technical runbooks, handle tech support escalations
  • Drive specific technical fixes that boost Customer Sat & NPS scores
Product roadmap depth
  • Provide structured customer-centric technical insights for continuous improvement
  • Technical advisory to help your R&D decode new features requests & user experience questions

Need a deeper assessment?

Customer Success Engineering

Technical Enablement Options

Agile update & release management

Rapidly accelerate build and infrastructure-as-code pipeline CI/CD Automation

Expert Software Engineering

Ramp up new customer deals without being constrained by developer bandwidth

DevOps support 24×7×365

Manage setup, support, maintenance of customer production to minimize escalations

Structured feedback for core product engineering

High-fidelity performance and config insights for improved technical architecture insights

DevOps SLA for technical customer operations

Integrated management of customer-facing deployment, releases and production reliability

Better referenceability for sales & product marketing

Capture use cases, product differentiators for go-to-market, avoid burdening customer champions

Build out developer & partner network

Broaden your platform ecosystem with complementary 3d party & open source technologies

Training, delivery & deployment expansion

Implementation planning & infra provisioning for AWS, Azure, GCP, Hybrid and Private Cloud

Issue documentation & backlog management

Structured customer feedback to support replicable test cases & validations

Optimize capacity & resource allocation

Continuously track all critical operational statistics, customer activity, and cost control

Compliance, credentials, certification standards

Track / log / manage security & identity end-to-end; automate deployment globally

User Experience Data Pipeline

Leverage multi-tenancy for better visibility into how users interact with your platform day-by-day

Let's Collaborate

The software team you needed yesterday, today. For tomorrow.

“UpTeam™ assembles and operates agile software development teams. We hire and train startup-minded product and platform development specialists whose careers are tied to the success of your business. There’s no need to scatter any more of your equity than you absolutely have to get technical expertise that will be obsolete soon after the 1.0 release. Instead, get a disciplined, repeatable process that smoothly handles rapidly-changing requirements, to produce a product that meets evolving business goals—all for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay in Silicon Valley.”
Michael Philip

CEO, UpTeam™

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