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Level up your career & join Silicon Valley startup teams.

Got good enough English to take part in weekly Sprint planning calls? Accelerate your career with UpTeam.

Choose from many projects, technologies & career paths. Find the job you wish you had.

< UpTeam ≠ UpWork >

UpTeam ≠ UpWork

More time to work with experts and developers like you. Stop looking for work.


  • An international software development company where developers can accelerate & focus their careers
  • Work with top industry-leading executives on challenging long-term product and platform development
  • Grow to become key employees and managers in fast-moving high-tech enterprises
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  • A general-purpose do-it-yourself talent marketplace with listings inside and outside of tech
  • All kinds of coders can try bidding tasks and odd jobs and hope to win a chance to be hired as freelancers
  • For any task for anybody anywhere for any amount of time… or not.


I joined UpTeam with a little Python experience. 1 year in, I was doing hands-on NodeJS, React, Angular, AWS… the real-world experience I needed to become an expert. Now I lead a development for one of the world's top video Adtech platforms. UpTeam gave me unmatched opportunities to learn the latest technolgies, work closely with Silicon Valley engineers on trips to SanFransicso, and gain confidence in my current and future career.

David, Senior Dev

7 years ago I was fresh out of university, looking to get my career started and really learn. Today, I'm lead iOS developer for a cool San Francisco-based Social Network start-up. UpTeam get all help and support I needed to grow, always kept me challenged with interesting and fun projects.

Ksenia, Lead iOS Dev

Before UpTeam I worked for many US & UK based intl companies. UpTeam is different...friendly atmosphere, open communication to management & the CEO, mutual respect & trust with clients ... all on the same level working out roadmap/architecture decisions together ... the freedom to make key decisions yourself is the crucial experience managers need to grow.

Kirill, Technical PM

I joined UpTeam QA with little experience 4 years ago. They knew just what I needed to grow professionally and gave me the confidence to do it. Today, I lead all QA and Requirements Analysis for cutting edge California-based HealthTech company.

Anna, QA Lead

Prior to UpTeam I've worked in a number of Fortune500 companies on engineering leadership positions. Here I can define and influence technology strategy in a really collaborative atmosphere with stakeholders. Systems we work with are tuned for high-load, governance and compliance with best security standards. UpTeam clients value our opinion and trust solutions that we architect & build. All of that gives us the freedom to select the appropriate technology stack and build a team we need to deliver real results at scale.

Roman, Head of DevOps

Make the choices that make your career add up

Trying to decide? Stay with my current employer? Join that cool fintech startup? Make the move to big corporation? We are all engineers here. Let’s do the math! 

Big CompanyStartupFreelance
Skills GrowthLimitedLimited
Career UpsideSlow
Salary & RewardsOKOK+
Work / Life Balance
Modern Tech Stack
New Products & Projects

Welcome to UpTeam!

Gear up your career
in a world class engineering organization

We have dozens of exciting projects, with more arriving all the time. They need expert developers. Upteam knows how to make you an expert.

True supportive environment of technical peers

True supportive environment of technical peers

  • Work with and learn from top experts across the latest environments, languages, technologies, and engineering methods.
Take control of your knowledge & reputation

Take control of your knowledge & reputation

  • Collaborate with skills development specialists to keep your professional advancement pointed in the right direction.
Benefits to rely on & rewards you can achieve

Benefits to rely on & rewards you can achieve

  • All the benefits of big company with healthcare coverage and personal wallets for Sports, Education & Hobbies.
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